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Read: Death to Life

I will never forget her tears. I looked deep into this woman’s soul as she revealed a devastating reality of a life shattered in which she was beaten and left alone to grow up as best she could. There was no one to take care of her. Her own brother who was supposed to take care of her left her in a cotton bin when she was three years old for three days until there was finally someone who remembered to ask, “Well, where is she?”

She felt dejected and believed, “I don’t matter.” However, this woman is very bright and achieved excellence in her world. She was beautiful, but had to spend her energy hiding so no one could see how desperate she was. She was burned out, empty. She let me see her soul’s halls of pain and grief—now sitting in familiar country, feeling there is no hope.

My soul cries out, “O Lord, let me give her a drink of living water! Let me speak your words of life into her empty soul. Help her to see her own greatness. Help her to recognize you’ve been with her all along. She’s been working so hard to stay alive, to gain a deep sense of security, to establish her own worth as a person, and to get some kind of control in the world.”

“She is at the end. She’s standing at the door of an invitation to come. It was you who gave her the gifts to survive, to stand in this world and not be destroyed. She’s ready to hear in the depths of her soul that she is love. You gave her the power to survive, and now you’re ready to give her the power to receive love right where she is and learn not only does she matter, but she’s precious, she’s cherished, and you have come to give her awareness that you have been with her all along. But now you want her to know the truth of how much you love her.”

I say to you, my new friend, focus now upon this love that was demonstrated, this love that became a man: He was beaten, left alone in a garbage dump, hung between two thieves, naked and abused. He chose that way. He understands. They killed him. He arose to speak to you—yes, he arose so you can now arise!

See yourself as loved.

Each day I choose to come to this one relationship. Trust his love as a gift. I feed my mind with this truth. I accept his friendship and love. Then, give it away as you can.

I get to choose who defines reality, and it is no longer me. It is Christ, risen, present, and alive to refresh my soul with his love.

I gave this lady a great big red star, because she is made in the image of God, which means she is larger than her pain.

I believe in her, and so does her God.

I believe in you, and so does your God.

All the best,
Terry Sanford Smith


Music credit: Tony Anderson; Image credit: Unsplash.