Terry S. Smith is an emotional, spiritual and psychological “Soul Medic” who walks with others through the battlefield of shame, guilt, addiction, anger, despair, death and relational pain. Terry works with those who carry major life wounds and those who may be stuck or paralyzed by the pain. He brings understanding, knowledge and the wisdom that people need on how to move forward in the healing process.

Since 1968, Terry has been working on the battlefield of broken relationships. His original plan was to go into the military as a Chaplain during the Viet Nam war, but when that door didn’t open, he entered the academic university and spent ten years teaching and counseling college students.

Some examples of the beautiful human beings we work with (*all names have been changed due to our commitment to confidentiality):

  • Brooke, who took the life of her baby at birth as a result of incestuous relationship with her father.
  • Randy, who received serious burns over his entire body at 2 years old. He had over a dozen plastic surgeries by the time he was seventeen years old. He then lost his best friend who was his plastic surgeon in a car accident. He was friendless, bitter and thought he had no one who really understood.
  • Patty, who was a brilliant Phi Beta Kappa scholar who went through an abortion as a recent graduate and was stuck in guilt and shame.
  • Molly and Nate, who both faced rejection and being disowned if they professed belief in God.
  • Mary, who at ten years old confessed the sexual abuse she experienced by her father, however, after confessing this abuse to the priest, the priest in turn raped her. Her question became, “Where was God?”
  • Jeremy and Katie, a couple who were stuck in their marriage with two children and didn’t know how to move forward and overcome their own fast pace lifestyle that left their relationship empty and lonely.
  • Gary, who is a former Marine dealing with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Please take a moment to watch his documentary on our website here.