I want to provide a quick update to those who are following Coaching: Life Matters work.

I am now in India and I am filled with gratitude beyond words. Before I boarded the plane to Mumbai, I celebrated Valentine’s Day by engaging in rich and meaningful conversations with the most important women in my life.

Charlotte, Sara, Missy, Margy and Elizabeth are my greatest treasures in life. Each of these women are beautifully different, however, they all share something in common as they have each chosen to seek after the heart of God. This commonality provides for rich conversation and communion as we share in our life’s joys and sorrows.

As I am reaching out to young girls in India who have been trapped in abusive relationships and to men who are held captive by drugs and alcohol, I am committed to sharing wisdom on how light can banish the darkness.

Observing my daughters and my fellow man encourages me in that I want each woman (and man) to know how deeply loved they are. Simply, this is the mission of Coaching: Life Matters. We exist to help others know the magnificent reality of their value and their worth.

I will be providing more updates from India. Until then, please stay tuned and pray for us as we bring the springs of living water to all we meet.

Love & Light,



Image credit: Unsplash