As we enter into this season of the year where we pause to focus on what we are thankful for, I want to let you know first and foremost how grateful I am for you and the gift of friendship.

It has been an eventful year to say the least. For most of us, we have experienced highs and lows, fear of the unknown, losses and gains, and hopefully, moments of sweet stillness where we’ve rediscovered unshakeable hope and faith.

While Coaching: Life Matters had to make adjustments to our scheduling throughout this year, we were thankfully able to continue onward and upward in our mission and provide encouragement and guidance to many. As for this year and the year that is approaching, I want to let you know that we remain committed to serving those who seek greater understanding of their life’s journey and their relationships with others.

One very exciting highlight from this year was the release of a new book that I was honored to co-author with my dear friend, Ron Joyner. Written primarily for those seeking to enrich their relationship with their spouse, Being Better At Being Married is now available for purchase and is a wonderful tool that we hope you (whether married or single) or someone you know might benefit from. Full of insights, meditations and real-life stories, we believe it can help you move forward in learning the fine art of building intimacy and safety within your relationship. Also, I’m excited about Charlotte’s new poetry book: “The Birds Still Sing”.

This year, I also had the opportunity to create several group lesson series that became a joyful and refreshing experience with old friends and new friends alike. These messages are titled “Walking Through the Psalms/Terry Smith,” “Walking Through The Sermon On The Mount/Terry Smith.” These messages are available to watch by searching the title on Youtube.

Coaching: Life Matters has also been proud to partner with “The Heart Table” this year in developing small groups. The purpose of these small group experiences is to promote deep personal relationships built around sharing pertinent life stories. One of the small group experiences uses “Core Story” as its foundation.

While we give thanks for all that this year has brought Coaching: Life Matters, our hearts and hands are focused on upcoming projects. Beginning later this month, I will begin video production on the story of Coaching: Life Matters that I hope will be an inspiration to those who have walked alongside us for the past 10 years and for those looking to start their own endeavors to help bring light into a dark world. I’m also excited about a video series that my wife, Charlotte, and I will be creating that we hope will help couples learn how to turn sour moments into sweet moments in their marriage.

With much on the horizon for Coaching: Life Matters, it is a time of thankfulness. Thankfulness for the ability to serve, the opportunities that lie before us to inspire and uplift, and the invaluable support from our friends and family. As always, I must let you know that Coaching: Life Matters would not be able to continue without your giving spirit and generous support. What a humbling feeling it is to know that as much as others lean on us, we are leaning on you.

Thank you again, friends. It’s because of you.

*Check out this 50 minute conversation that Charlotte and I completed for couples looking to make their relationship sweeter through the storms of real life. Our conversation includes helpful tips that we’ve discovered over our 56 years of marriage.

Please fast-forward to 4:30 into the video, to skip the personal introductions.


** Check out these books on Amazon
“Being Better At Being Married”
by Ronald Joyner and Terry Smith
Being Better at Being Married: Building a Deeper Relationship Through Mutual Understanding

“The Birds Stil Sing”
by Charlotte B. Smith