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Intended to go with “One of the Things I Love About My Life”:

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One of the things I love about my life is that I am able to choose who I listen to each and every day. That said, if you are receiving my podcasts in the morning—I hope they serve you well and provide a glimpse into how I begin each day.

First of all, it’s important for me to share with you how much I love you as a friend. Perhaps you enjoy and are inspired through these podcasts and want to listen; or, perhaps you are my friend and are interested in listening to the people I have chosen to listen to (as I set my intentions and focus every morning).

There are three people I choose to listen to on a consistent basis. These three people would be considered the most significant influencers in my life.

  1. The first of these three influencers is David, who was the King of Israel for forty years.
  2. The second is King David’s son, Solomon, who was also King of Israel for 40 years.
  3. The third person I choose to listen to every day is Jesus of Nazareth, who claimed to be the King of the Universe.


Image credit: Corey Blaz / Unspash

Over the years, I have thoroughly investigated each of these gentlemans’ stories and I remain consistently captured by their musings and honesty about life, their humanity, their personal confessions of their own brokenness, the despair they encountered in life, and the incredible victory they experienced by trusting the Mind behind the Universe.

My daily choice and commitment to listen to these voices and the instructions they provide has led me to joy inexpressible, personal healing, into meaningful relationship with friends, and in particularly, with my life companion and wife, Charlotte.

Every one of us longs to have a friend, a friend you can count on, someone who will be there no matter what, someone who will never leave you nor forsake you.

These three leaders have mentored me as I consider the priorities in my life and how I navigate those each and every day. They’ve shown me and directed me and taught me the art of choosing to listen as I practice their teachings.

I invite to you to listen to David this morning for some insight on how to view the world, how to view yourself, how to view God and how to view friendship: read Psalm 32.