There has to be a way for a human being to go on fighting as a person in this world without ever giving up. I love the words of Paul Simon’s song entitled “The Boxer.” Part of the lyrics go like this:

“In the clearing stands a boxer and a fighter by his trade, and he carries the reminders of every glove that laid him down or cut him till he cried out, in his anger and his shame, ‘I am leaving, I am leaving,’ but the fighter still remains.”

The boxer could take off his gloves, he could put them aside and leave the ring, but he could never escape being a fighter.

We have all experienced times in our lives when just facing the day felt impossible. In fact, many of us are experiencing this right now. You might be suffering emotional defeats, physical defeats, and professional defeats that just seem to keep raining down blow after blow until you ask yourself, “Will I be able to go on? Will I just have to throw in the towel?”

Life can be just so draining. That’s why you need a strong heart—the heart of a fighter. How do you have this kind of heart? How do you keep it strong? How do you keep it alive? I believe the first step is to live your life fighting for something that is worth fighting for—something that circumstances cannot destroy and death cannot defeat.

When you have a heart that is fighting for something like that, then you can go on fighting. With the heart of a fighter, it doesn’t make any difference how many defeats you may suffer, you can stay in fray of human life with strength and purpose.