Joy keeps popping up in so many places. Thanks to Marie Kondo it is even key to organizing our houses! She’s big on noticing the things that spark joy in your life.

Joy is hard to define, isn’t it? It’s hard to parse its meaning, hard to break down into component parts.

I think joy emerges when my inner heart and outer life are most in sync.

Ah, you say, but that is the catch! How do I get my heart in sync with my sense of self, my work, my relationships, even what I do for pleasure?

Here’s what I’ve done for years: I continuously stay in the company of joy. I keep the word where I can see it. I close my letters and emails with the word joy. The word is sprinkled throughout my conversation.

I’ve found that the more I’m in the presence of joy, the more the presence of joy is in me. This releases the energy of joy in my life. The more I work with it, the more it works on me!

Then joy breaks out.