On “Giving Tuesday” I want to start by giving you a gift. It’s a poem I wrote called, “
Unwrapping the Gift”:


Unwrapping the gift of your story 
is the key 
to understanding,

to hope, to love.

Your Core Story can be found
 when you decide to give in
to what pursues you today
 and what has pursued you everyday of your life.

It is love that is pursuing everyone. And no one is alone.

Feelings are not always fact
s as they often lie;
 because feelings are often born
 in a child’s mind, and a child’s mind can hardly process the pain of injustice in a confused world.

So, I urge you to awaken, 
to take responsibility, 
to seek what is true, 
to meet that which has been pursuing you.

Can you believe that you are loved? Can you believe that pain and injustice do not have to dictate your life?

Instead, the pains and hurts of this world can motivate one to discover
 the truth, that love
 is the answer to all wounds.

When loneliness became my friend, 
I stood still and listened to the questions that arose.

I sat with these questions. 
I stopped blaming. 
I decided that I wanted to “live,” to play the hand that I was dealt, to rise up and fight for my future, my life.

Why?  Because I matter. And, You matter too.

Hope is waiting to enter your life. Silence can be your friend, a place where the hidden Spirit
 will meet you and whisper sounds of love that

you are not alone in your journey.

Once unwrapped, the real gift shines with the knowledge
 that you and everyone you know is beloved.

Of this, I’m certain.

(Written on November 27, 2017)

This poem is my gift to you today.


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Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash