There was a man who, when his alarm would go off in the morning, would promptly start sneezing. Every day, as he opened his eyes, he would have sneezing fits. Finally, he discovered what the problem was—he was allergic to consciousness!

How in the world do you become allergic to consciousness? It happens when you don’t know how to carry time; you don’t know how to live your day.

For example, your day may have too many extraneous items in it. If it does, your day will feel burdensome, and you’ll hate to face it. Feeling burdened will, in turn, create tension in your relationships, which makes your day joyless. If burden and tension are what you face in your day, you may wake up sneezing!

Learning how to carry time means you begin to understand what a day really is and how to best use it. If you understand this and act on it, you will find it easier to get up in the morning.

You still may not like it. Most people don’t like the alarm going off in the morning, announcing that it’s time to get up. But knowing how to get a better grip on your day—knowing what to hold onto and what to let go of—makes all the difference in the world.

Let go of the extraneous items that are weighing down your day and hold on tight to what really matters. Then, when that alarm clock goes off, you can greet the day without a single sneeze!