What is life coaching?

Life coaching is a practice that helps people identify and achieve personal goals. It should be a positive encounter with a “coach” who will respond appropriately to the person’s concerns with educated information.

Why does a person work with a life coach?

Many people feel stuck in life, although intensive therapy is not the answer. They just need someone to listen and understand. When you give people safety, good information and time, it is amazing the wisdom they find in themselves to figure out the next step and how to get unstuck. Many times people move forward after two or three sessions with what they need. Everyone can benefit at some point from processing their journey with someone they believe listens and doesn’t offer answers but facilitates examining the options and possibilities in their life journey.

How is Coaching: Life Matters different from other sources of help available to me?

Any life-coaching plan or personal-improvement plan is based on a premise or a point of view. The validity of the premise is critical to the success of the effort. Our premise is that what you believe will always overrule what you know. So, even though you may have years of experience and education, your current problems or concerns are most likely not caused by your lack of knowledge, but by a lack of understanding of your own ruling beliefs.

Our approach will help you identify the controlling beliefs that are unconsciously influencing the way you process information and make decisions.

What do you do in a life coaching session?

During your sessions, we use a technique that Dr. Terry Smith has developed called the “Core Story.” Through the Core Story process, you will gain a deeper appreciation for your family of origin and the world you grew up in. And, you will be able to identify the core beliefs you adopted as a child. Identifying those beliefs will help you understand why you act the way you do under stress.

What is the cost?

We offer our services at $135 per session, although we understand that this price may not fit with your budget. Because of our open door policy, we will waive this fee in lieu of a donation (at any price that fits your budget).

What about confidentiality?

Our time together is always confidential. The only way confidence would ever be broken is if your life or someone else’s life is threatened.

Do you offer coaching services to couples?

Yes. We offer Pre-Marital Coaching services, and we work with married couples as well.

Do you coach groups or businesses?

Absolutely. In fact, getting a group of friends or co-workers together to listen to one another’s stories is one of the richest experiences you can have.

Do you coach people who are currently in therapy?

Yes. However, we always encourage our clients to let their therapist know so they can mutually asses if Coaching: Life Matters would enhance their personal growth.

Do I have to do any preparation before a coaching session?

No preparation is necessary; however, you can download the questions that are asked during the “Core Story” process if you would like to prepare for the first session. Click here to download a PDF file.

How can I support Coaching: Life Matters?

Coaching: Life Matters is financially supported by people who have benefited from our work together and by others who feel this work is important. For more information about making a donation, click here.