A special kind of peace is reserved for those who identify as Christians and place their faith in Jesus Christ. This special peace is the presence and work of the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit is not just a “church thing” or “religious fiction.” The Holy Spirit is God’s actual presence in the life of a believer, and it is intended to be a source of wisdom, guidance, and comfort in any situation.

The peace that the Holy Spirit brings is what the Apostle Paul is referring to when he talks about a peace that “passes all understanding”. And the good news is that this special guiding and comforting presence is available to believers in all aspects of their life, including marriage.

There’s no question that everyone faces times of trouble and fear. However, for Christians, when times of trouble or fear are experienced, the Holy Spirit can be sought for insight, comfort and direction. Whether facing a personal temptation, a difficult decision, a health concern, or a professional challenge—God’s spiritual presence only awaits our invitation.

And when there is a great challenge in your marriage, the Holy Spirit is always available and ready to comfort, guide, and bring peace. In fact, the Holy Spirit should be the first stop on a Christian believer’s path to resolving conflict, seeking answers, or finding shelter in the midst of a bad situation.

When you and your spouse have a believing Christian faith and are able to trust in and rely on the Holy Spirit’s intervention in times of difficulty, you are opening the door for the peace that “passes all understanding.”

However, for Christians, when times of trouble or fear are experienced, the Holy Spirit can be sought for insight, comfort and direction.

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Some things to do for the week

Day 2: Reflect on the message and scripture reading; journal if you like
Day 3: Pray for or meditate on what you think you need
Day 4: Discuss the message and scripture with your spouse
Day 5: Plan how you can best respond to the message
Day 6: Rest; don’t think about the message or the scripture; listen in the stillness
Day 7: Recommit yourself to your marriage

Applicable scripture listed under Discussion References.